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Aircraft Maintenance

Thanks to its human and technical resources and the vocation of its management staff, MAPA SC has been able to develop from a simple workshop dedicated solely to the maintenance of the MAPA school fleet to one of the Aircraft Maintenance Organizations most important nationally.

Light Aircraft

In terms of aircraft maintenance, MAPA SC is the only Moroccan organization approved by the national authority to maintain any aircraft with the following characteristics:

Equipped with one or more piston engines;
With a Max take-off weight < 2000 kg.

In other words, MAPA SC is authorized to maintain any aircraft in subgroup 3B, a national first.

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Airplanes with Turboprop(s)

Its accreditation also allows it to carry out a wide range of work, on several aircraft equipped with one or more turboprops, namely:

King Air B300 (Aircraft exceeding 5700 kg)
King Air 200;
King Air 90;
Cessna Caravan 208B