Airline pilot training consists of a theoretical phase, namely the 10 modules of the ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) and a practical phase consisting of flight hours on simulators, single-engine and twin-engine aircraft.

The theoretical part is composed of 10 certificates for a total of 1300h

Aviation and regulatory law
Navigation and TransOceanic and Polar
General aircraft knowledge
Flight performance and preparation
Human performance and its limits
Flight mechanics
Operational procedures

Second practical part:

1. PPL phase (Private Pilot License)

During this phase, you will learn the basics of piloting: maneuvering on the ground and in the air, applying normal and emergency procedures and navigating using external visual cues.

Total 42H

flights on DA40 (single-engine aircraft).
21h of dual control piloting (with instructor);
11 hours of dual-control navigation;
10 hours of solo piloting (alone on board).


2. CPL Phase (Commercial Pilot License)

During this phase, you will learn to apply the procedures with more precision and rigor, recognize and manage threats and errors, develop your decision-making as well as taking into account the commercial aspect when performing flights (punctuality , passenger announcements and information, safety principle which takes precedence over regularity, profitability and flight comfort).

You also pass your MEP class rating, which allows you to fly multi-engine piston aircraft, so you will learn how to deal with engine failure and asymmetries in various scenarios.

Total 112H

10 hours on Alsim ALX-63 (simulator).
79 hours on DA40 (single engine aircraft).
23 hours on DA42 (twin engine aircraft).

3. Phase IR (Instrument Rating)

The objective of IR training is to enable the pilot to be able to fly day and night in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) conditions. It is essential for hiring in an air transport company, since the flights are carried out under IFR.

Total 44H

32 hours on simulator
12 hours on DA42 (twin engine aircraft).