Since 2018, MAPA holds PART 147 approval

As such, MAPA has received approval to provide and prepare for the theoretical and practical modules of PART 66 for licenses: B1.1 & B2.

Within its Benslimane training center, MAPA prepares its trainees for the theoretical exams of the PART 66 modules for which we have approval. The training takes place in English for a period of 27 months, including 3 months of reinforcement in English.

Our practical PART 147 workshop at Benslimane airport allows us to train trainees in the basic skills of technician practice.

While we are developing specific know-how in real working conditions (Real maintenance environment practical training) in our two partner maintenance centres.

The modules studied

  • Mathematics
    Fundamental Electricity
    Fundamental electronics
    Digital-avionics techniques
    Equipment and materials
    Maintenance procedure
    Basic aerodynamics
    Human factors
    Aeronautical regulations
    Turbine Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
    Aerodynamics of aircraft, structures and systems
    Gas turbine
    Piston engines
    Technical English