FI training

Training's goal

The goal of this course is to enable candidate pilots to obtain the flight instructor rating for the PPL phase. This qualification allows them to instruct pilot trainees in the practical PPL phase.

The FI course (PPL) allows the candidate to acquire the techniques of flight and ground training, in accordance with established teaching methods

Conditions of the admission

The conditions for admission to the FI-PPL course required by MAPA comply with those set by national regulations, in particular Order 3163 and its technical regulations annexed to it.

These conditions are:

Hold at least the PPL(A) Private Pilot License.
Have completed and satisfactorily completed an appropriate general pedagogy course approved by the civil aeronautics directorate.
Total at least 200 hours of flight including at least 150 hours as pilot in command.
Pass the oral interview and the evaluation in flight or on a simulator


Provide flight and ground instruction for the issuance of a private pilot license for airplane PPL.