CPL training

Purpose of the training

The goal of this practical training is to train pilots with the theoretical prerequisites for obtaining the professional pilot license in visual flight conditions (VFR).

This training lasts an average of six months.

Conditions of the admission

The conditions for admission to this CPL training are:

Be 18 years of age on the day the CPL license is issued.
Hold a secondary education baccalaureate in a scientific or technical series or an equivalent recognized document
Hold a class 1 medical certificate.
Hold a private pilot’s license with a valid rating.
Hold a theoretical ATPL or theoretical CPL certificate or be undergoing theoretical ATPL training within MAPA.


This commercial pilot license allows its holder:

to exercise without remuneration, the functions of co-pilot or captain on any aircraft used for non-revenue flights.
to act as pilot-in-command of any aircraft performing a flight other than a commercial transport flight;
to perform the duties of pilot-in-command, in commercial air transport, of any airplane whose minimum certified flight crew is one pilot
fulfill the duties of co-pilot, in commercial air transport, on board airplanes where the presence of a co-pilot is required.