ATO manuals (commercial complex organisation)

  • Organisation Management Manual (OMM)
    ⇒ Compliance Monitoring
    ⇒ Safety Management
    ⇒ Emergency Response Planning
  • Operations Manual A (General)
  • Operations Manual B (Technical)
  • Operations Manual C (Route)
  • Operations Manual D (Training)

Training Manuals ab initio (ATPL integrated manuals can also be used for modular courses)

  • TM General
  • PPL (A)
  • Night Rating
  • Class Rating SEP
  • Class Rating MEP
  • CPL (A)
  • IR (A) SE
  • IR (A) ME
  • MCC/ JOC
  • ATPL Theory

Web Based training (PPL, IR, CPL, ATPL, HPA, Integrated ATPL)
Question Bank/ Exam modules (IR, CPL, ATPL Integrated)
ATPL (14 FCL subjects): e-books & Printed books.

Classrooms with data show
CBT’s classes
Alsim ALX FNPTII simulator
Six Diamond DA40 and two Diamond DA42 aircraft

  • Course Materials MS-Word and MS-PPT, PART 66 B1/B2
  • Modules (1,2,3,4B1,4B2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11A,13,14,15,17)
  • QB generator EASA PART 66 Exams
  • Workshop for basic aviation and avionics
  • Aircraft components for practical
  • Classrooms with data show
  • CBT’s classes
  • EASA PART 66

Same as EASA course with a difference of 10 modules instead of 14(theoretical ground school).